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Order “Retropolitan Theatre” now because as one fan said, “You’ll never be the same, and you won’t stop moving!” Sample just a selection of the tracks on the album below…

1. Maracas
2. You Make Me Better
3. Elvis Movie
4. Jeans
5. Java Jitter
6. Hands on You

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DaVido is a singer/songwriter, fueled by his all-star band, the LiBeatos. One part rock n’ roll, one part musical theater – Davido follows in the tradition of artists such as Meat Loaf and Elvis. He is a prolific avant-garde visionary with a passion for 20th Century American pop music, as verified by his self-penned Retropolitan Theatre. The most versatile artist to come along in a long time, DaVido has the rare ability to write and perform everything from edgy rock to heart-wrenching ballads to jumpin’ swing. His soaring vocals and panache suggest many influences. One seeks, perhaps, to compare him to other greats, if only as a point of reference, to regain some sense of balance. Ultimately, any comparisons are inadequate. His music is the most familiar music you’ve never heard!

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