For the Record, No Samples are used on this record!

LouisMy name is Louis Baldonieri; I am not paid to say this, so I am totally unbiased. I’ve been in the entertainment and music business for over 30 years. I am cofounder and manager of the boy band “Dream Street”; we had a million-dollar record deal with Atlantic records and sold over 1 million records back in the early 2000s. I presently manage Oscar-nominated, actor/singer Danny Aiello and have been actively involved in Danny’s music and acting career for some time now. A few years ago DaVido, lead singer of the LiBeatos, played me a few of his demos from his Retropolitan Theatre album. I was so impressed by his early work that I kept my foot in the studio door so to speak. I basically oversaw his recording process and heard first-hand the progression from his early work to the final record. Like many of us, I am jaded with the music business. That’s why I consider the Retropolitan Theatre album one of the greatest musical works to come along in a long time.Retro Cover Retropolitan Theatre has to be listened to in its entirety a few times to fully understand the depth of DaVido’s work. His self-penned songs are clever, well recorded and his vocal acrobatics stand out amongst today’s singers. His over-the-top orchestrations just make this album quirky enough to be successful. I have to admit this album has so many layers, a rocking rhythm section (the LiBeatos), chick background singers, horn and string sections, including oboes, French horns, flutes, tuba, concert harp, vintage harpsichord, percussion etc., that many people I play this for assume that the music is sampled and also because of the expense it is to hire an orchestra of studio musicians, studio costs, hiring an arranger and having a studio large enough to accommodate all these musicians. I was definitely skeptical myself until I personally went to a few of the recording sessions and saw firsthand how this album was recorded. I sat there at the mixing console and heard the tracks myself. And yes, not one sample was used. It is an album and amazing feat from an independent artist on an independent record label. Although the album title Retropolitan Theatre has the word retro in it, DaVido managed to create an album that is totally original. Honestly I have real problems comparing this album to anything or anyone I’ve ever heard. So if you’re tired of sampled music and like to hear an album recorded old-school but with an original feel to it, I recommend everyone to download Retropolitan Theatre and let these mini vignettes remind you that someone (DaVido) and his LiBeatos are recording music the way it should be recorded, from Retropolitan Theatre to the world.

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