DaVido is the new Retro with his incomparable style that has the flavors of pop, rock ‘n’ roll, swing and musical theatre all in one. Take a journey into the Retropolitan Theatre album with a FREE download.

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Davido and the LiBeatosDanny Aiello, Academy Award-nominated Actor, Singer
“When the world hears ‘Retropolitan Theatre’, it’s going to be a game changer for all other singers. DaVido is one of the greatest vocalists I’ve ever heard.”

Wynonna Judd
“DaVido is a star; and one day the world will know it.”

Louie Baldonieri, Music Producer, Dream Street
“Retropolitan Theatre has to be listened to in its entirety a few times to fully understand the depth of DaVido’s work. His self-penned songs are clever, well recorded and his vocal acrobatics stand out amongst today’s singers.”

Michael Criscione, COO, Goliath Film and Media
“DaVido has one of the greatest voices since Elvis and Tom Jones.”

DaVido is a singer, songwriter, fueled by his all-star band, the LiBeatos. He is a prolific avant-garde visionary with a passion for 20th Century American pop and rock n’ roll music, as verified by his self-penned Retropolitan Theatre. The most versatile artist to come along in a long time, DaVido has the rare ability to write and perform everything from edgy rock to heart-wrenching ballads to jumpin’ swing. His soaring vocals and panache suggest many influences. One seeks, perhaps, to compare him to other greats, in the tradition of vocal artists such as Roy Orbison, Tom Jones and Freddie Mercury. Ultimately, any comparisons are inadequate. His music is the most familiar music you’ve never heard!

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