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Davido and the LiBeatosDanny Aiello, Academy Award-nominated Actor, Singer
“Simply the greatest unknown vocalist I have ever heard. He may not be a star yet, but believe me, one day his star will shine.”


Catherine Darnell, staff writer, The Tennessean
“A velvety voice filters out into a crisp air; either someone is playing an old classic, or this is DaVido. Inside Club Mere Bulls, it’s clear this is no ordinary singer… a strikingly handsome man in a silk suit, works the crowd like nobody’s business.”

Wynonna Judd
“DaVido is a star; and one day the world will know it.”

Tony Camillo, Grammy award winning producer, Midnight Train to Georgia
“The greatest singer songwriter I have ever arranged for…Fun working with this man – reminds me of the greats from the past.”

DaVido is a singer, songwriter, fueled by his LiBeatos (a band of high-octane musicians). He is a prolific avant-garde visionary with a passion for 20th Century American pop music, as verified by his self-penned Retropolitan Theatre. The most versatile artist to come along in a long time, DaVido has the rare ability to write and perform everything from edgy rock to heart-wrenching ballads to jumpin’ swing. His soaring vocals and panache suggest many influences. One seeks, perhaps, to compare him to other greats, if only as a point of reference, to regain some sense of balance. Ultimately, any comparisons are inadequate. His music is the most familiar music you’ve never heard!

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